IJK-egoist & IJK-egopad

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Oric-1 style white

Oric Atmos style red

Selectable are only interface, only pad or both!

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IJK-egoist and IJK-egopad are gamer’s extensions for your Oric.
They are designed to be small but full with features following the IJK-standart for joystick interface.
The interface and the joypad come in white or red according to the style of Oric-1 and Oric Atmos.

The IJK-egoist is the ONLY interface which supports 29 classic games
(29 so far and counting...)



User's manual


Test-IJK - IJK interface test utility

Legal notes:
1. All games from the download links below are property of their authors, copyright owners/holders, distributors.
2. All games from the download links below are adapted for exclusive and only usage with IJK-egoist interface by [raxiss].
3. All intros and IJK-adaptaion code are copyright by [raxiss]. Any unauthorized copying, alteration, modification and distribution of this material is prohibited.

IJK gamepack - Natively supported games - 2020-12

IJK gamepack vol.1 by [raxiss] - Games ported exclusively for IJK-egoist vol.1 - 2020-12

IJK gamepack vol.2 by [raxiss] - Games ported exclusively for IJK-egoist vol.2 - 2020-12
2020-12-19: added Manic Miner

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